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Tomás F. Crowder-Taraborrelli, Ph.D. 


Ph.D. University of California, Irvine, 2003, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Dissertation: Sarmiento, the Traveler: a Discourse of Immigration and Civilization
Advisor: Lucía Guerra Cunningham, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCI

Studies in film production, post-production, directing, sound design, and screenwriting for fiction and non-fiction films, 2006-2008, Film Arts Foundation

M.A. San Francisco State University, 1994, World and Comparative Literature
Master’s Thesis: The Consolidation of the Language of Buenos Aires: Language and National Assimilation in Argentina.
Advisor: Arturo Arias, San Francisco State University

B.A. San Francisco State University, 1991, Journalism, Film
Undergraduate studies in Philosophy, 1985-86, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Bachelor of Letters, Colegio Nicolás Avellaneda, 1984, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bilingual High-School degree, (Spanish and English), 1982, Belgrano Day School, Argentina

Research and Interests

Film Studies (global cinema, Latin American film, film production, screenplay writing)
Human Rights (documentation of international atrocities)
Latin American culture
Immigration Studies
Philosophy (European and Latin American, 19th century to present)
Academic and fiction writing (workshops, tutoring, newsletter writing, journalism, short stories)


Film and Genocide, with Kristi Wilson, University of Wisconsin Press, forthcoming, January 2012. 

Latin American Documentary Cinema and the Condor Years (manuscript in process).

Edited collections, journal and magazine articles

Member of the Collective of Coordinating Editors of Latin American Perspectives: A Journal on Capitalism, Imperialism and Socialism, 2010 to present.

Film Editor of Latin American Perspectives: A Journal on Capitalism, Imperialism and Socialism, 2012 to present.

"Homo artis, Homo laborans, and Homo politicus- The Pursuit of Redemption in Three Recent Argentine Films," Latin American Perspectives, forthcoming 2013.

“Disappearance and the Mourning Process in Fernando Ha Vuelto,” Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, forthcoming, 2013.

"Entrevista con Irek Dobrowolski, director de El retratista, documental sobre Wilhem Brasse, fotógrafo de Auschwitz", Revista Cine Documental, forthcoming 2013.

"Brief History of Argentine Documentary Film," Directory of World Cinema: Argentina, eds. Beatriz Urraca and Gary M. Kramer, Intellect Press, forthcoming 2013.

Special Issue on Political Documentary Film and Video in the Southern Cone (1950s-200s), with Antonio Traverso, Latin American Perspectives. January, 2013.

"Political Documentary Cinema in the Southern Cone: An Introduction," with Antonio Traverso. Latin American Perspectives, January, 2013.

"Latin American Dreaming: A Neoliberal Vision for Retirement," with Kristi Wilson, Latin American Perspectives, January, 2013.

"Bill Nichols y la ética en el cine documental," Revista Cine Documental, 2012.

"Entrevista a Bill Nichols," Revista Cine Documental, 2012.

“Midnight movies: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo and the return of the repressed,” Cult Pop Culture, forthcoming, 2011.

"Una historia del cine politico y social en Argentina: Formas, estilos y registros," Revista de Cine Documental, 2011.

“Que suene la calle: video documental en Tijuana-‘Mexamérica’,” Revista de Cine Documental, 2010.

“An instant in a country’s happiness: Peronism in wonderland,” CineAction, 2009.

“Miracle in the Americas: Gabriel García Márquez and Italian neo-realism,” Radical Fantasy: Neorealism’s Afterlife in Global Cinema, 2007.

“Sarmiento and the American West,” The Journal of the West, 2005.

“Eva Perón,” Encyclopedia of Nationalism, Academic Press, 2001.

“Domingo F. Sarmiento and Juan Bautista Alberdi,” Encyclopedia of Nationalism, Academic Press, 2001.

“José Enrique Rodó,” Encyclopedia of Nationalism, Academic Press, 2001.

“Carmen Miranda,” Notable Twentieth-Century Latin American Women, Greenwood Press, 2001.

Bakhtin and the Nation, Special Issue of Bucknell Review (with San Diego Bakhtin Circle), Bucknell Review, 1999.

Proa, editor of the electronic issue published in the Internet, 1995-1996.

Letras de Buenos Aires, editor of the electronic issue published in the Internet, 1995-1996.

Online Publications

“Polanski: buscado, deseado y envidiado,” Revista Digital de la Asociación de Realizadores Integrales de Cine Documental, 2009.

“District 9 y la explotación comercial de las técnicas del cine documental,” Cinéfilo, 2009.

“El Luchador: historia de un perdedor,” Cinéfilo, 2009.

“Quantum of Solace: James Bond causa destrozos en Bolivia,” Cinéfilo, 2008.

“Changeling: La lucha de una madre y el crimen más horrendo,” Cinéfilo, 2008.

“Blindness o la ‘ceguera’ de un cine con poca conciencia social,” Cinéfilo, 2008.

“Ghost Town: ¿por qué vuelven los fantasmas?”Cinéfilo, 2008.

“Burn After Reading: Los hermanos Cohen al borde del abismo,” Cinéfilo, 2008.

“Netflix: del videoclub de barrio a la emisión en línea,” Cinéfilo, 2008.

“Gwynplaine: El prototipo del Guasón,” Cinéfilo, 2008.


“Aguafuerte,” Buenos Aires no duerme, EUDEBA, 1998.

“Dalmiro Sambilad and His Death,” Prism Magazine, 1990.

“I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good,” Prism Magazine, 1990.

“One for Coffee,” Prism Magazine, 1990.

“A Love Supreme: The Beatification of John Coltrane,” Prism Magazine, 1989.

Screenwriting, production and direction

Liberdade, producer, directed by B-12, 2009.

Las muñecas, screenplay, Producciones Almamongo, 2005.

Cine Campesino: Naturalezas en conflicto, screenplay, directed by Grupo Cine Campesino, 2004.

Cine Campesino: Festival de Cine Campesino, screenplay, directed by Pedro Lange-Churion, 2003.

Huelga de Amores, screenplay, directed by Pedro Lange-Churion, 2003.

One Line, Two Views, screenplay and direction, 1997.

Invited Talks, Panel Presentations and Workshops

"Industry and History in Latin American Cinema," Workshop organizer, Latin American Studies Association, San Francisco, 2011.

"Soka Education and International Studies," 80th Anniversary of Soka Education, Soka Universtiy of America, 2010.

“Reel Injun: On The Trail Of The Hollywood Indian,” Panel discussion, Jim Rivera (Tribal Council Acjachemen Nation) and Dr. James Spady, ITVS Community Cinema, Soka University of America, 2010.

“Understanding the Social and Political Impact of the 2009 Honduran Coup D’Etat,” with Dr. Sarah England, Miriam Miranda (Coordinator of the Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña) and Angel A. Jiménez, Consultant to Peasant Communities and Cooperatives, Soka University of America, 2010.

“Recent Trends in Latin American Cinema,” Selected participant by Latin American Studies Association Secretariat, LASA 29th Congress, Toronto, Canada, 2010.

“A Village Called Versailles,” Panel discussion, ITVS Community Cinema, Soka University of America, 2010.

“The Social Documentary: Narrative Strategies and New Formats in Non-Fiction,” Keynote speaker, BORDOCS, Documentary Film and Video Forum: A Conference for Non-Fiction on the Border, Tijuana, México, 2009.

“Rebirth and Extinction in Buscando a Reynols,” Hispanic Heritage Month, Soka University of America, 2009.

“A Special Evening with Timothy “Speed” Levitch, star of The Cruise, a film by Oscar-nominated director, Bennett Miller,” Soka University of America, November, 2009.

“The Nuremberg Trials and Documentary Film,” Conference on International Criminal Law, Stanford University, 2007.

“Cine Latinoamericano y Genocidio,” University of California, Davis, 2007.

“The Ever-Changing Market for Independent Film in Latin America,” Stanford Film Lab, Stanford University, 2006.

“The Pinochet Case: The role of documentary film in the prosecution of crimes against humanity,” Panel discussion with Carlos Castresana, Conference on International Law, Stanford University, 2006.

“Cine Campesino and Cine Piquetero: the New Latin American Documentary,” Bates College, 2003.

“Aztlán and Viet Nam: Chicano and Chicana Experiences of the War,” with George Mariscal, University of San Francisco, 2003.

“Reading racism in a Border Patrol agent’s correspondence,” Warren Writing Program, University of California, San Diego 1995.

Conference presentations

"Documentary film as memory and evidence: The use of visual media in trials for crimes against humanity in Argentina," International Sociological Association, Sociology Forum, Buenos Aires, 2012.

"The 1985 Trials of the Juntas: Testimonies and Censhorship," Pacific Coast Council Latin American Studies Conference, California State Univeristy, Los Angeles, 2011.

"The 1985 Trials of the Juntas: Transitional Democracy and Clandestine Archives," Soka University of America, 2011.

"Que suene la calle: Video documental en Tijuana- 'Mexamérica,'" Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, 2011.

"Film and Genocide: An Introduction," Chair and presenter, Center for Genocide Studies - Universidad Nacional de Tres Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011.

"Labor and Migration in the San Diego/Tijuana Border," Chair - Soka University Graduate Student Round Table, University of California, San Bernardino, 2011.

"Interdisciplinarity in concept and practice," Stanford University Alumni Colloquium, 2011.

"Nicolás Prividera's M: the documentary filmmaker as a detective seeking out untruthful memories," University of Saint Andrews, Scotland, 2011.

"Domingo F. Sarmiento and the New Latin American Cinema: Colonialism, Neocolonialism and Liberation in the Visual Arts," Portland State University, 2011.

“The Filmic Investigation of the Heist: Neoliberalism and Post-neoliberalism in the Films of Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas,” Chair and presenter, LASA Congress, Toronto, 2010.

“Japanese-Brazilian Transculturation: Documenting the experience of multiple generations in Sao Paulo, Brazil,” XV Conference of Southern Brazilianists, University of California, Irvine, 2010.

“Unburying the Past: Documentary Film and Forensic Investigations after the Condor Years,” Seminar, Cultural Studies Association Seminar on Documentary Film in Teaching and Scholarship, CSA Conference, University of California, Berkeley, 2010.
“Belonging to the Dead: Narrating Trauma in Film and Popular Culture,” Session chair and presenter, LASA Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009. 

“Genocide and Documentary Film: Alain Resnais’ Night and Fog” Stanford Film Lab, Stanford University, 2008.

“The Nuremberg Trials and Documentary Film,” IHUM Research Colloquium, Different Stories: Common Ends, Stanford University, 2007.

“Film Testifies: Documentary Film in the Nuremberg Trials,” Second International Meeting on Genocidal Social Practices, Centro Cultural Borges, Argentina, 2007.

“Neo-realism and Global Cinema: García Márquez y el Centro Esperimentale de Roma,” University of California, San Diego, 2007.

“Mostrando la hilacha: Sarmiento viajero y la figura del flaneur,” LASA Congress, Puerto Rico, 2006.

“Film, Memory and Justice,” Crossing Borders: U.S./Latin American Relations in the Early 21st Century, University of San Francisco, 2005.

“A Quarry Worker’s Passion: Latin American Reality and Gabriel García Márquez’s Cinematic Faith,” An International Conference on Hispanic Literature and Cinematographies, Portland State University, 2003.

“La locura poética de Leopoldo Panero,” Poetic Discourses at Play, University of California, Irvine, 2000.

“El miedo a saltar: la sexualidad y el discurso fronterizo en La frontera de cristal,” Cultural Borders of Latin America and Spain, University of California, Riverside, 1999.

“Immigration and national identity: Sarmiento, Bakhtin and literary criticism as a defense of human rights,” 8th International Bakhtin Conference, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1997.

“Arturo Arias y Gioconda Belli: la transformación de la subjetividad centroamericana, la Conquista y el determinismo histórico,” Intersections: An Interdisciplinary Conference, University of California, San Diego, 1997.
“Prestamistas y deudores: agentes fronterizos y promotores de los derechos humanos en el discurso de la inmigración,” Annual Latin American Literatures and Cultures Conference, University of Southern Colorado, Pueblo 1997.

Related Conference Experience

Co-chair of the Film Section of the Latin American Studies Association, 2012-2013.

Curator, Specters of Culture: Post-dictatorship Argentine Art, Founders Hall Gallery, Soka University of America. Fall 2010.

Conference organizer and moderator: Conference On International Criminal Law, Stanford University. Speakers: Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor International Criminal Court, and Carlos Castresana, authored the formal complaint and subsequent reports in the Pinochet Case, 2007.

Co-Chair of The Introduction in the Humanities Research Colloquium, Stanford University, 2007.

Organizer, Cine Campesino Film Festival, El Pital, Honduras, 2003 and 2004.

Conference organizer and moderator for Intersections: An Interdisciplinary Conference, UC San Diego. Co-sponsored by the Literature Department, Cross Cultural Center and Women’s Center, May 17-18, 1997

Honors and Awards

Excellence in Service Award for contributions to the Introduction to the Humanities Program, Stanford University, 2008

Winner of the “Buenos Aires no duerme” fiction contest, Government of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1998

Dean’s Fellowship, University of California, Irvine, 1996

Grants and Fellowships

Nieves Family Grant, Soka University of America (Learning Cluster in Argentina), Winter 2013

Nieves Family Grant, Soka University of America (Learning Cluster in Argentina), Winter 2012

Nieves Family Grant, Soka University of America, (Learning Cluster in Mexico), Winter 2011

Nieves Family Grant, Soka University of America (Learning Cluster in Brazil), Winter 2010

Travel Research Grant, Department of State, U.S. embassy (Mexico), Fall 2010

Mellon Grant for International Justice Conference, Stanford University, Spring 2007

Mellon Grant for Film and Genocide research, Stanford University, Spring 2006

Mellon Grant for the Humanities, Bates College, Fall 2003

Mellon Grant for the Humanities, Bates College, Spring 2003

Mellon Grant for the Humanities, Bates College, Winter 2002

Mellon Grant for the Humanities, Bates College, Fall 2001

Humanities Research Grant, University of California, Irvine, Fall 2000

Summer Dissertation Fellowship in Humanities, University of California, Irvine, Spring 2000

Travel and Research Grant, University of California, Irvine, Fall 1997

Graduate Student Association Grant “Intersections” conference, UC San Diego, 1996

Academic and Research Positions

Soka University of America: Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies, (2008-present)

Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities, (2005-2008)

University of San Francisco, Director of the Foreign Language Writing Center, (2003-2005)

University of San Francisco, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, (2001-2005)

University of California, San Diego: Teaching Assistant (1996-2000)

University of California, Irvine: Teaching Assistant (1996-2002)

Saint Timothy School, San Mateo: Director of the Spanish Program and Teacher, Kindergarten to Eighth Grade (1992-1994)

Courses Taught

Sustainable Housing in Argentina. Taught abroad in Argentina (Winter 2013)

Latin American Film and Culture (Fall 2012)

Latin American Literature (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

Children's Rights in Argentina: Genocide, Economic Crisis and the Search for Justice (Winter 2012)

Labor and Migration in Tijuana/San Diego Border. Taught abroad in Mexico (Winter 2011)

International Relations: Pacific Basin (Spring 2010- to present)

International Relations: Documenting International Atrocities (Spring 2010)

Learning Cluster: Japanese-Brazilian Transculturation: Documenting the experience of multiple generations in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Winter 2010)

Humanities 290.0, Latin American Film and Culture (Fall 2009)

International Relations: International Studies 290.01, Human Rights in Latin America (Fall 2009)

IHUM 62: Conflict and Cooperation (2007)

IHUM 9A: Myth and Modernity (2008)

IHUM 25A: Arts and Ideas (2008)

IHUM 46: Visions of Mortality (2007)

IHUM 32: Roots and Routes (2006)

First, Second, Third Year Spanish (Fall, Winter, Spring, 2001)

Spanish 310, Introduction to the Analysis of Literary Texts (Fall 203, Spring 2004)

Spanish 360: Latin American Art and Literature (Fall 2004)

History 210: Latin American Perspectives (Fall, 2001 and Winter 2002)

History 216: Andean Nations (Fall, 2001)

Spanish for Native Speakers (Spring, 2001)

Cuban Literature: From Colonial Times to the Revolution (Fall, 1998)

Readings in Peninsular Literature: From the Middle Ages to the Spanish Civil War (Winter, 1998)

Readings in Latin American Literature: From Colonial Times to the Present (Winter, 1998)

Gender and the Latin American Cultural Terrain (Spring, 1999)

Second Year and Third Year Spanish (Fall, Winter, Spring, 1996-1998)

Teaching Workshops

“El documental social: estrategias narrativas y nuevos formatos en la no ficción,” BorDocs, Tijuana, México, 2009.

Writing Workshops, Bates College, 2001-2003.

Interdisciplinary research seminars, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of California, San Diego, 1998.

Committee Service: 

Academic advisor, Soka University of America (2009-to present)

Academic advisor, Stanford University (2007)

Member of the IHUM Governance Board, Stanford University (2006, 2007)

Technology Coordinator for the Research Colloquium, Stanford University (2006)
Case-worker, American Friends Service Committee, U.S./Mexico Border Program (1996-1998)


Producing Partner, ITVS Community Cinema (2009-to present) http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/

“Globalization and Soccer”, Latin Pulse, LinkTV (2008) http://www.linktv.org/latinpulse/20080602

TV reporter, director and editor, Latin Eyes, KRON Channel 4, 2005 http://www.latineyes.tv/index.php

Founding member of Cine Campesino, 2001 http://www.cinecampesino.info/projects.htm

Director, producer and announcer for El Chichi-Club, cultural radio show on FM del Buen Aire (92.7 MHZ), Argentina (1998)

Additional Affiliations

Modern Language Association (2010-present), Member of the Latin American Studies Association (2007- present), Save Darfur (20080-present), Board Member of the Stanford Film Lab (2006-2007), Member of the Film Arts Foundation (2006-2008), Board member of Un Mundo (2001-2006)

Pedagogy and Technology

Technology and Course Coordinator, Stanford (2006-2008), Co-creator of a web site in which five Argentine institutions were represented: Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges, Academia del Sur, Fundación Leopoldo Marechal, Academia Nacional del Tango Academia Porteña del Lunfardo