Soka Education Week November 14th-18th, 2010

SESRP (Soke Education Student Research Project) recently concluded a successful Soka Education Week in celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Soka education. Kicking off with a presentation and discussion by SUA President Daniel Habuki, four SUA professors were chosen to discuss Soka education from their perspectives as faculty and with relationship to their fields, The four faculty covered the topics of International Studies, Economics, the Arts, and Environmental Studies. By choosing these as the discussion topics, leaders hoped that this event could help students to connect their own fields of interest to aspects of Soka education. SESRP was excited to welcome many new students and faculty to the Soka Education Week activities. Daily lunchtime discussions were held casually from Nov. 14th to18th. Some details of each discussion are summarized in this newsletter. Please take a look and enjoy the summaries.
To read interview with Professor Crowder-Taraborrelli follow this link: